O conhecimento que transforma (Haraway 2018 [1997])

O conhecimento que transforma (Haraway 2018 [1997])

HARAWAY, Donna. 2018. Modest_Witness@Second_Millenium. FemaleManC_Meets_OncoMouseTM: feminism and technoscience. New York: Routledge, p.67 [1997]

As Xerox Palo Alto Research Center computer scientist and philosopher Brian Smith* put it in the context of discussing the far-reaching consequences of paying attention to the ongoing work it takes to establish and maintain the identity of a microprocessor, such as Intel’s 486, Motorola’s 68000, or Pentium chips, “You have to stop being what you were when you start paying attention to the work it takes to maintain your clear distinctions.”

*SMITH, Brian Cantwell. 1994. Coming apart at the seams: the role of computation in a successor metaphysics. Paper read at Intersection of the Real and the Virtual, June 2–4, at Stanford University.

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