Desparafusando o grande Leviatã (Callon e Latour 1981)

CALLON, Michel; LATOUR, Bruno. 1981. Unscrewing the big Leviathan: how actors macro-structure reality and how sociologists help them to do so. In: K. Knorr-Cetina; A.V. Cicourel (eds.). Advances in social theory and methodology: toward and integration of micro- and macro-Sociologies. Boston: Routledge; Kegan Paul, pp.277-303. HOBBES’S PARADOX: For Hobbes – and for us too – it is not a question […]

Tecnologia como ferramenta para análise sociológica (Callon 1987)

CALLON, Michel. 1987. Society in the making: the study of technology as a tool for sociological analysis. In: Wiebe E. Bijker; Thomas P. Hugues; Trevor J. Pinch. (eds.). The social construction of technological systems: new directions in the sociology and history of technology. Cambridge: The MIT Press, pp.83-103. TECNOLOGIA COMO FERRAMENTA PARA ANÁLISE SOCIOLÓGICA the study of technology itself can […]