Maxwell’s demons everywhere

“[374] […] Irreversibility is not just a melancholy operator that sets limits to structural analysis. Seen as a break in symmetry, it is an essential aspect of the spirit in which Levi-Strauss works with kinship systems and myths. Symmetry and asymmetry form a pair of oppositions. Order is not natural but an artifice in which a possibility is seen to […]

Vida de laboratório (Latour e Woolgar 1986 [1979])

LATOUR, Bruno; WOOKGAR, Steve. 1986. Laboratory life: the construction of scientific facts. Princeton: Princeton University Press. [1979] SALK ON LATOUR I: He [Latour] has tried to observe scientists with the same cold and unblinking eye with which cells, or hormones, or chemical reactions are studied—a process which may evoke an uneasy feeling on the part of scientists who are unaccustomed […]

A vida de laboratório (Latour e Woolgar 1997 [1988])

LATOUR, Bruno; WOOLGAR, Steve. 1997. A vida de laboratório: a produção dos fatos científicos. (Trad. Angela R. Vianna) Rio de Janeiro: Relume Dumará. [1988] :::::::::: CAPÍTULO 1 – A ETNOGRAFIA DAS CIÊNCIAS :. WOOLGAR: Após dois anos de presença ininterrupta no coração deste laboratório, uni-me, na hora de redigir, a Steve Woolgar, sociólogo inglês que concluia uma tese sobre a […]