Magnésio, molibdênio e urânio em Buckminster-Fuller (1997 [1975])

986.773 Recently, however, a scientist who had been studying synergetics and attending my lectures called my attention to the fact that the first closest-packed layer 12 around the nuclear sphere and the second embracing closest-packed layer of 42 follow the same neutron count, combining with the outer layer number of protons – as in the 92 uranium-layer case – to provide a physically conceptual model of magnesium and molybdenum. (See Table 419.21.) (Buckminster-Fuller 1997 [1975]:1108)

BUCKMINSTER-FULLER, Richard. 1997 [1975]. Synergetics: exploration in the geometry of thinking. New York: Macmillan Publishing/Estate of R. Buckminster Fuller.