Hidrogênio, oxigênio, cobre e ouro em White (1949)

Human behavior is not as simple as it seems. It is not a single homogeneous substance like copper or gold, but a compound like water or table salt. Human behavior is made up of two separate and distinct elements, the one biological, the other cultural. This is not obvious, however, any more than the fact that water is composed of two distinct elements, oxygen and hydrogen, is apparent to the observer. On the contrary, human behavior appears to be a simple, homogeneous stuff, just as water does. It is only through analysis of one kind or another that we can discover the true structure and composition of human behavior or of chemical compounds. And it is only through such knowledge that we can come to an understanding of either. (White 1949:121)

WHITE, Leslie. 1949. The science of culture: a study of man and civilization. New York: Grove Press.