Hidrogênio em Buckminster-Fuller (1997 [1975])

000.128 Nature is using this completely conceptual eight-dimensional coordinate system that can be comprehended by anyone. Fortunately television, is spontaneously attractive and can be used to teach all the world’s people nature’s coordinating system – and can do so in time to make it possible for all humanity to favorably comprehend and to exercise its option to attain universal physical success, thereby eliminating forevermore all world politics and competition for the right to live. The hydrogen atom does not have to compromise its function potential by first “earning a living” before it can function directly as a hydrogen atom. (Buckminster-Fuller 1997 [1975]:29)

170.00 Corollary F: The smaller and simpler, more symmetrical, frequently occurring in Universe and the larger and more complex, less frequently originally occurring and periodically reoccurring: for example, the hydrogen minimum limit simplex constituting not only nine-tenths of physical Universe but most frequently and most omnipresent in Universe; with asymmetrical battleships (fortunately) least frequently and compatibly recurrent throughout the as yet known cosmos, being found only on one minor planet in one typical galaxy of one hundred billion stars amongst an already-discovered billion galaxies, there having been only a few score of such man-made battleships recurrent in the split-second history of humans on infinitesimally minor Earth. (Buckminster-Fuller 1997 [1975]:76)

333.00 There is a minimum set of patterns, which is a consequence of one set of patterns reacting with another set of patterns. In order to have a monkey wrench, you also have to make one or buy one at a store, you have to have other things, and these procurements in turn have antecedent event requirements. Each event of Universe leads back to all the great complex of events, and we get then to a minimum set of complementary events whereby the system regenerates itself, and we thus come to Universe. This tends to be a clearly defined inventory of relative abundance of the various chemical element patterns in Universe which needs a large amount of the pattern hydrogen while apparently not as much of the pattern uranium. (Buckminster-Fuller 1997 [1975]:217)

414.04 The nucleus ball is always two balls, one concave and one convex. The two balls have a common center. Hydrogen‘s one convex proton contains its own concave nucleus. (Buckminster-Fuller 1997 [1975]:252)

419.36 All of the foregoing is to say that the size of one spinnable proton consisting of 308 rhombic dodeca closest packed in the symmetrical form of the four-frequency vector equilibrium is 1836 times the size of one prime, pre-timesize, prefrequency, unit-vector-edge tetrahedron or of one electron. Multiplication only by division means that the time-size frequencies of the elements (other than hydrogen) occur as various concentric-shell symmetry phases of the singlenucleus-embracing, symmetrically closest-packed, single-nucleus aggregates in the multiconcentric-layered forms of the vector equilibrium, tetrahedron, octahedron, rhombic dodecahedron, rhombic triacontahedron, and cube. (Buckminster-Fuller 1997 [1975]:281)

986.776 With popular conception of synergetics being the omniconceptual coordinate system of nature will come popular comprehension of total cosmic technology, and therefore popular comprehension that a competent design revolution – structurally and mechanically – employing the generalized principles governing cosmic technology can indeed, render all humanity comprehensively – i.e., physically and metaphysically – successful, i.e., becoming like “hydrogen” or “leverage” – regular member functions of an omnisuccessful Universe. (Buckminster-Fuller 1997 [1975]:1108)

1053.61 The reverse magnitudes of the surface vs. volume hierarchy are completely logical in the case of the total surface subdivision starting with system totality. On the other hand, we begin the volumetric quantation hierarchy with the tetrahedron as the volumetric quantum (unit), and in so doing we build from the most common to the least common omnisymmetrical systems of Universe. In this system of biggest systems built of smaller systems, the tetrahedron is the smallest, ergo, most universal. Speaking holistically, the tetrahedron is predominant; all of this is analogous to the smallest chemical element, hydrogen, being the most universally present and plentiful, constituting the preponderance of the relative abundance of chemical elements in Universe. (Buckminster-Fuller 1997 [1975]:1355)

BUCKMINSTER-FULLER, Richard. 1997 [1975]. Synergetics: exploration in the geometry of thinking. New York: Macmillan Publishing/Estate of R. Buckminster Fuller.