Hidrogênio e hélio em Buckminster-Fuller (1997 [1975])

Fig 1012.14 A Indig Octave System of Four Positive, Four Negative and Zero-Nine Wave Pattern of Experiential Number: This basic discontinuous wave disclosure is intimately related to inherent octavization through tension-chord halving discovered by the Pythagoreans, and the major-minor-mode “fifthing” obtained by tension-chord thirding of length. These inherent additive-subtractive, alternate pulsing effects of number produce positive waves, but not continuously as had been misassumed. Zero-or “No-tet, None, Nine” intrudes. Waves are discontinuous and confirm unit quantation, one tetrahedron inherently constituting the basic structural system of Universe. The star Sun’s combining of four hydrogen atoms into helium atoms generates quanta radiation. (Buckminster-Fuller 1997 [1975]:1246)

BUCKMINSTER-FULLER, Richard. 1997 [1975]. Synergetics: exploration in the geometry of thinking. New York: Macmillan Publishing/Estate of R. Buckminster Fuller.