Ferro em Steiner (2010)

Meditation on Iron. Consciousness rises to the larynx. We enter the astral world and perceive the group-souls of the animals. (Steiner 2010:6)

The ancient Chaldeans lived in the Iron (Mars) consciousness. They learned about life after death from Moon beings. Today this is no longer necessary. (Steiner 2010:6)

The ancient Chaldeans who owed their cultural impulses to the Mystery teachings had deeper insight into these matters than the men of today. The remarkable fact is that in those days these ancient Chaldeans actually lived in the larynx consciousness, whereas we today live in the heart consciousness. The consciousness natural to them was a kind of iron consciousness; their experience was associated with the universe; for them the Earth did not have the solid consistency it holds for us. When, under particularly favourable conditions they lived, for example, in communion with the beings of Mars, there came a moment of time when beings came over from the Moon and brought with them other beings such as those we perceive with the consciousness of the second man. And thus indirectly the Chaldeans learned of sublime truths relating to life after death. They received their instruction in these truths from the universe without. (Steiner 2010:25)

STEINER, Rudolf. 2010. True and False Paths in Spiritual Investigation. (Trans.: A. H. Parker) London: Rudolf Steiner Press.