Ouro em Ward (1919)

Another indication of the power of the phylogenetic forces is the great prevalence among uncivilized peoples of the worship of the emblems of fecundity. Here natural love connects itself spontaneously with religion and forms an integral part of the great volume of religious feeling. This subject of phallic worship or phallicism, often extending to phalloktenism, has a voluminous literature, and in many parts of the world symbols in stone, in bronze, and even in gold, have been found, some of which have found their way into archæological museums. Japanese relics of this cult, now abandoned in that country, are very abundant, and Dr. Edmund Buckley not long since compiled a somewhat complete list of them and prepared a most interesting and instructive paper on the subject. [Nota de rodapé 3: “Phallicism in Japan,” a Dissertation presented to the Faculty of Arts, Literature, and Science, of the University of Chicago, by Edmund Buckley, Chicago, 1895. Printed by the University of Chicago Press.] It is quite unnecessary to enter into this literature or to discuss the general subject here. It only concerns us to point out its significance as a normal fact in the history of the race. (Ward 1919:383)

WARD, Lester. 1919. Pure sociology: a treatise on the origin and spontaneous development of society. New York: The Macmillan Company.