Ouro em Buckminster-Fuller (1997 [1975])

182.00 Such scientifically conducted zoological behavior studies use the words reward and punishment. By the word reward they do not refer to a gold medal. And their word punishment does not refer to whipping. The animal behavior scientist’s word reward means that the creature is acquiring the vital life-support chemistries of air, food, and water well within the critical metabolic timing tolerance. Punishment, to these scientists, means that the creature’s subconsciously generated hunger, thirst, and respiratory instincts are not met within comfortably tolerable time limits, whereafter the creature panics. Its original subconscious, spontaneous, innate trust that its environment will always provide what it wants and needs exactly when it is needed having been violated, the creature panics, and forever after its behavior pattern is unpredictable. (Buckminster-Fuller 1997 [1975]:79)

BUCKMINSTER-FULLER, Richard. 1997 [1975]. Synergetics: exploration in the geometry of thinking. New York: Macmillan Publishing/Estate of R. Buckminster Fuller.