Ferro em Buckminster-Fuller (1997 [1975])

5. Hidden within the superficial disorder of individual omnidifferences – differences of size; differences in distance from the Sun; and differences in Sun-orbiting rates – there nonetheless exists an elegantly exact, one-to-one mathematical correspondence in the Sun’s planets’ intercoordinate behaviors manifest by the equiareas of the radii- and arcbounded, piece-of-apple-pie-shaped, areal sweepouts, within an identical time span, of all the Sun’s planets as they orbit elliptically around the Sun at vast distances from one another, all accomplished without any visible mechanical interlinkage such as gears, yet whose orbiting around the Sun (rather than flying off tangentially from those orbits by centrifugal force, as do the round iron balls released by hammer-throwing athletes) altogether suggests that some incredibly powerful interattractiveness is operative. (All of the foregoing planetary behavior was discovered by Kepler. Compare Sec. 791.01.) (Buckminster-Fuller 1997 [1975]:626)

BUCKMINSTER-FULLER, Richard. 1997 [1975]. Synergetics: exploration in the geometry of thinking. New York: Macmillan Publishing/Estate of R. Buckminster Fuller.